EUS Editor Charlie Russo and Managing Editor Beth Pearn speak to Bill Jeynes and explore his latest research on school choice programs and the achievement gap.

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JTE Graduate Assistant Eli Kean interviews Noelle Paufler about her article, co-authored by Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, which can be found in the September 2016 issue.

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JTE Graduate Assistant Eli Kean interviews Kevin Kumashiro about his 2012 article and recent textbook, Against Common Sense: Teahcing and Learning Towards Social Justice.

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Special issue panel on early childhood music education, convened at the 2016 ISME conference in Glasgow. The panel was convened by Dr Amanda Nilend and Dr Patricia St John, who guest edited the special issue. The speakers include RSM Editor Katherine Marsh and contributing authors Margaret Barrett, Suzanne Burton, Lori Custodero and Claudia Cali. Posted June 2016

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Laura Meehan. Together they discuss Meehan and Kimberly VanWeelden's recent article which focuses on determining the types of frequency of music and special education workshops held at state music educators association conferences.


Laura's article, "Teaching Children With Disabilities: Preparation Through State Music Educators Association Conferences" can be found here:

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Dr. Michelle Van Noy discusses the structure of community college career-technical programs and how it affects student success in the article she co-authored with Madeline Trimble, Davis Jenkins, Elisabeth Barnett, and John Wachen, "Guided Pathways to Careers: Four Dimensions of Structure in Community College Career-Technical Programs."

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JRME Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Julia Shaw, Associate Professor of Music Education at The Ohio State University School of Music, about her recent article discussing students perceptions of cultural responsive teaching in the context of a choral ensemble.

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Author Jennifer Ledford discusses her research, co-authored by Erin E. Barton, Jessica K. Hardy, Katie Elam, Jordan SeaboltMeredith Shanks, M. L. Hemmeter, and Ann Kaiser. Ledford discusses their methodology applied, their findings, and future steps in the field. This article can be found in the June 2016 issue of the Journal of Early Intervention

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EP Podcasts

Dr. Rebecca Jacobsen and Dr. Tamara Young discuss their special issue in Educational Policy on "The Politics of Accountability."


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Special issue guest editors Dr. Jane West and Dr. Katharine Shepherd discuss the May 2016 issue of Teacher Education and Special Education on the past, present, and future of special education.

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Which misperceptions about gifted education have been debunked through the years, and which still remain? Dr. Carolyn Callahan, Editor of Gifted Child Quarterly, sits down with former editor Donald Treffinger to discuss his special issue on demythologizing gifted education in Volume 53, issue 4, a revisitation of his groundbreaking 1982 special issue.

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EAQ Editor, Linda Skrla, interviews Guest Editor, Terry Orr, and UCEA head, Michelle Young, about leadership preparation in education.

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Dr. Hiroyuki Yamada provides a closer look at an article he coauthored with Dr. Anthony Bryk regarding the effectiveness of Statway, a program designed to assist community college students struggling in mathematics.

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Author Hedda Meadan-Kaplansky discusses her research,"Internet-Based Parent-Implemented Intervention for Young Childrenwith Autism: A Pilot Study", co-authored by Melinda Snogdrass, LoriMeyer, Kim Fisher, Moon Chung, and James Halle. 

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author William Bauer, Associate Professor of music education at the University of Florida, about his study examining music education researchers' perceptions of the importance of selected technologies to scholarly inquiry.

 The abstract for the article, Technological Affordances for the Music Education Researcher" can be found here:

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Author Johanna Rudolph discusses her article, "Early Language Milestones and Specific Language Impairment," and the nature of SLI. The article can be found in the March 2016 issue of the Journal of Early Intervention. 

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Adult Education Quarterly Social Media Coordinator Geleana Drew Alston talks with authors Elizabeth Kasl, an Independent Adult Education Scholar and Lyle Yorks, Professor at Teacher's College, Columbia University, about their article "Do I Really Know You? Do You Really Know Me? Empathy Amid Diversity in Differing Learning Contexts." Together, they discuss Lyle and Kasl's exploration of the need for empathy in diverse groups, conceptualization of the epistemology of empathy in relationship to whole-person dialogue, and they examine strategies for creating empathic space that take into consideration the paradox of diversity.

The abstract for the article can be found here:

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Author Ruth Kaminski discusses her article, "Development of a Tier 3 Curriculum to Teach Early Literacy Skills," and the details surrounding the research process. The article can be found in the December 2014 Special Issue of the Journal of Early Intervention.  

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Author Charles Greenwood discusses his article, "The Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood," including challenges in the research process and future steps in this field. This article can be found in the December 2014 Special Issue of the Journal of Early Intervention. 

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Author Elizabeth Kelley discusses her article, "Building a Tier 2 Intervention: A Glimpse Behind the Data," which can be found in the December 2014 Special Issue of the Journal of Early Intervention. 

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Journal of Teacher Education Graduate Assistant Bernadette Castillo interviews Beth Powers and Peter Duffy about their article about their article in the January/February 2016 issue.

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Brandon Haskett about some of the main issues surrounding steel band directors' attitudes- including methodology, the balance of genres programmed, the inclusion of contextual information, and directors’ steelpan performance backgrounds.

The abstract for the article, "A Survey Study of U.S. Collegiate and K–12 Steel Band Directors’ Attitudes Relating to Steel Band Curriculum and Pedagogy" can be found here:


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