Twenty years on from the implementation of the Education Reform Act 1988, Michael Strain and Tim Simkins guest edited a special issue of Educational Management Administration & Leadership entitled "The Legacy of the Education Reform Act 1988" (volume 36, issue 2 - To mark the special issue, more than 50 education policy researchers met to review the impact of the act on teachers, administrators, parents and politicians. The one-day forum, hosted by SAGE and BELMAS, was chaired by Professor Ron Glatter and Professor Peter Gronn and featured other key academics from the field as well as Barry Sheerman MP. Posted April 2008.

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Dr. Peggy King-Sears discusses the universal design for learning (UDL) framework and its application to students with and without learning disabilities.

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Dr. Stephanie Al Otaiba speaks to the promise and the ongoing challenges related to Response to Intervention (RTI) as a means of both prevention and identification of reading disabilities. 

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Special Issue Guest Editors Annie Cheng and Ross Notman discuss the thinking behind the July 2014 special issue of Management in Education, ‘Exploring High Need and Social Justice Leadership in Schools around the Globe’. They were joined, as issue editors, by Miles Bryant of the University of Nebraska-Lincoln. Posted July 2014.

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MIE Best Paper Prize winners Malini Mistry and Krishan Sood discuss the research process behind their award winning paper, ‘Under-representation of males in the early years: The challenges leaders face’

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MIE Best Paper Prize winners Malini Mistry and Krishan Sood discuss the research process behind their award winning paper, ‘Under-representation of males in the early years: The challenges leaders face’

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Dr. Robert Duke and Editor Steve Morrison discuss the impact of sleep on music task proficiency.  

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Special issue guest editor Lauren Lindstrom discusses groundbreaking new research on disability and poverty with authors Mary Wagner, Arun Karpur, Karen Rabren, and Jonathan Carpenter. 


Access the issue here.

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Chris Husbands, of the Institute of Education, discusses his article ‘What are Teaching Schools For’. Posted July 2014.

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Abstract: Community colleges play a key role in educating the large number of non-traditional, low-income, and under-prepared students who have entered higher education in the past several decades. Despite increased access, community colleges are struggling to graduate students. Most, if not all, strategies provided by scholars to improve college completion rates assume increased student engagement will enhance persistence and success. Existing theories of persistence overlook the dynamic influence of job markets for the students community colleges serve. Using National Center for Education Statistics and the Bureau of Labor Statistics data, this article draws on Tinto’s theory of persistence and proposes a new framework that acknowledges the role of job opportunities and of work–family–schooling quandaries in community college students’ choices about persistence. Our model builds on the following relevant notions: (a) human capital theory, (b) social integration, and (c) socio-academic integration. Our model has important implications for leaders who aim to better align students’ college experiences with their desired careers and available jobs.


Read the full article here.

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Elleke Boehmer, Dominique Davies, Charne Lavery and Priyasha Mukhopadhyay discuss a special issue, due to publish in March 2015 and guest-edited by Elleke Boehmer, on Leonard Woolf’s novel “The Village in the Jungle”. Posted May 2014.

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This study examines the relationship between community college enrollment patterns and student outcomes—credential completion and transfer to a 4-year institution—introducing a new way of visualizing the various attendance patterns of community college students. Patterns of enrollment intensity (full- or part-time status) and continuity (enrolling in consecutive terms or skipping one or more terms) are graphed and then clustered according to their salient features. Using data on cohorts of first-time community college students at five colleges in a single state, the study finds astounding variation in student enrollment patterns. Clustering these patterns reveals two relationships: the first is a positive association between enrollment continuity and earning a community college credential, and the second is a positive association between enrollment intensity and likelihood of transfer.

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Associate Editor Steve Morrison and Dr. Jennifer Mishra tackle the question: why do talented young musicians "simply fall apart" when prompted to perform music at sight?

Sharon M. Darling and Charles Dukes, co-editors of TESE's February 2014 special issue entitled, "Special Education Teacher Education in the 21st Century: Evolving Approaches?," speak with a few of the contributing authors.

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