JRME Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Elizabeth Parker, Assistant Professor of Music Education at Temple University, and Dr. Tami J. Draves, Associate Professor of Music Education at The University of North Carolina, Greensoro about their recent article discussing two visually impaired music teachers and the challenges that they face.

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JRME Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Julia Shaw, Associate Professor of Music Education at The Ohio State University School of Music, about her recent article discussing students perceptions of cultural responsive teaching in the context of a choral ensemble. 


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Dr. Christopher Roberts, Professor at University of Washington and music teacher at Seattle's St. Joesph School, discusses his recent article about situational interest in music classes with JRME Editor Steve Morrison.


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JRME Editor Steve Morrison is joined by Dr. Brad McDavid, director of the University of Washington marching band, and Dr. Jason Silveira, co-author of a recent article on hazing in the college marching band, to discuss Dr. Silveira's research and examine the current status of hazing within the culture of college marching bands.


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Dr. Steve Morrison is joined by Dr. Rebecca Mcleod, Dr. Jessica Napoles, and Dr. Mark Montemayor to discuss their articles that each researched the relationships between teacher evaluation, teacher delivery, and student achievement.



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Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Kate Fitzpatrick about her article, written in collaboration with Dr. Jacqueline Henniger and Dr. Don Taylor, concerning the diversity of music education programs in higher education institutions.


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Dr. Robert Duke and Editor Steve Morrison discuss the impact of sleep on music task proficiency.


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Associate Editor Steve Morrison and Dr. Jennifer Mishra tackle the question: why do talented young musicians "simply fall apart" when prompted to perform music at sight?


Associate Editor Steve Morrison chats with Dr. Kenneth Elpus on the apparent interaction between academic achievement and music education.


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Dr. Marci Major expounds the research methods and findings featured in her article, "How They Decide," in this generative conversation with Associate Editor Steve Morrison.


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Associate Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Sarah Bartolome on the musical, social, and community benefits of the Seattle Girls' Choir.


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