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In this edition of JTE Insider, we are joined by Dr. Loraine McKay and Heather Manning from Griffith University (Australia). They are the authors of the article entitled “Do I Belong in the Profession? The Cost of Fitting In As a Preservice Teacher With a Passion for Social Justice” The article is published in the September/October 2019 issue of JTE

Dr. Loraine McKay is a senior lecturer at Griffith University. She teaches into the Bachelor of Education program. She is currently First Year Coordinator in the Bachelor of Education program and Professional Experience Individual Case Coordinator. Loraine’s research interests align strongly with her passion for teaching. She was a classroom teacher for over twenty years in the primary education sector before leaving teaching to complete her doctoral studies. Her current research centers on developing teacher identity, efficacy and resilience in preservice teachers. Loraine is particularly interested in preparing teachers to work in inclusive classrooms. She uses collage and photo elicitation to explore the affective dimension of teaching and engagement in learning.

Heather Manning is a PhD candidate in the School of Education and Professional studies at Griffith University. Her research focus combines active learning for engagement of diverse students and teachers’ pedagogical agency around the use of movement in their classroom. As a sessional academic, she works with pre-service teachers in the areas of learner development and diversity, professional experience and arts education. Heather has previously worked as a classroom teacher with children aged 5-8, and in learning support roles in school and the private sector.

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Gia Claybrooks interviews Leah Faw on her article co-authored with Huriya Jabbar entitled, "Poor Choices: The Sociopolitical Context of 'Grant Theft Education'."

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Middle leader pieces should be up to 1500 words (excluding references).

We welcome contributions from middle leaders in all sectors of education internationally who occupy a range of roles below senior leadership. Your paper should focus on exploring current issues and challenges you face, and how you are tackling them.  Good middle leader pieces will explore themes that are of relevance to other practitioners in similar positions, as well as a wider readership.

If you are interested in submitting a paper please send your idea to the editors at: and it will be forwarded to the relevant editor.

For full guidelines on Middle leader pieces, please click here

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Gia Claybrooks interviews Richard Reddick on his article entitled, "Reclaiming Our Time: A 21st-Century Response to Banks' 'Afro-American Scholars in the University'."

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Gia Claybrooks interviews Francis A. Pearman, II on his article entitled, "Gentrification, Geography, and the Declining Enrollment of Neighborhood Schools."

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education Editor Brian Silvey interviews author Jason Cumberledge on his article "The Perceived Influence of Social Media on High School Band Students’ Decision to Participate in College Marching Band."

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Gia Claybrooks interviews Dr. Bryan A. Brown on his article entitled, "Moving Culturally Relevant Pedagogy From Theory to Practice: Exploring Teachers' Application of Culturally Relevant Education in Science and Mathematics."

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education Editor Brian Silvey interviews author John-Rine Zabanal on his article. Together they discuss the effectiveness of drone accompaniment in improving intonation.

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MiE Editor Jacqueline Baxter and Deputy Editor, Stephen Rayner discuss the process of publishing in the journal as an early career researcher.

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EMAL Associate Editor, Helen Hunter interviews the EMAL Best Early Career Researcher Paper winner Stephen Rayner discussing his winning paper, Leaders and leadership in a climate of uncertainty: A case study of structural change in England.

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EMAL Associate Editor, Megan Crawford interviews the EMAL Best Paper Prize 2018 winner Joseph Flessa discussing his winning paper, School leadership in Latin America 2000–2016.

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EMAL Associate Editor, Helen Hunter interviews the EMAL Best Early Career Researcher Paper winner Stephen Rayner discussing his winning paper, Leaders and leadership in a climate of uncertainty: A case study of structural change in England.

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Brian Silvey interviews author Amy J. Bovin on her most recent article "Breaking the Silence: The Phenomenology of the Female High School Band Director."

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Brian Silvey interviews authors John Okley Egger and D. Gregory Springer on their most recent article "Music Educators’ Understanding and Opinions of U.S. Copyright Law."

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Author Lorenzo Baber discusses his article "'Living in the Along': Validating Experiences Among Urban Community College Students in a College Transition Program" from the July 2018 issue of Community College Review.

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In this podcast, Amy Li discusses her Community College Review article "Equity of Disparity: Do performance Funding Policies Disadvantage 2-Year Minority-Serving Institutions?" which was written alongside co-authors Denisa Gandara and Amanda Assalone.


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MIE Editor in Chief, Jacqueline Baxter talks to Paul Miller and Christine Callender about their Special Issue on Leadership and Diversity in Education: Progress in the new Millennium.

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EMAL Associate Editor, Helen Gunter interviews the EMAL Early Career Researcher award winner Helen Young on her article, Knowledge, Experts and Accountability in School Governing Bodies. 

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EMAL Associate Editor, Jacky Lumby interviews the EMAL Best Paper Prize 2017 winner Lauri Johnson discussing her winning paper, The lives and identities of UK Black and South Asian head teachers: Metaphors of leadership.

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In this Urban Education podcast, author Mark R. Warren of the University of Massachusetts Boston is interviewed on his article entitled, "Research Confronts Equity and Social Justice–Building the Emerging Field of Collaborative, Community Engaged Education Research: Introduction to the Special Issue."

In this Urban Education podcast, author Rita Kohli, assistant professor at the University of California Riverside, is interviewed on her article entitled, "Behind School Doors: The Impact of Hostile Racial Climates on Urban Teachers of Color."

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JCL – "Beyond control: Orientalist tensions and the history of the “upas tree” myth": Tim Hannigan discusses his recent article.

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This Teacher Education and Special Education podcast was joined by Dr. Nancy Rice and Dr. Maggie Bartlett of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukie.

Dr. Rice edited the November 2017 special issue of TESE, "The Educational Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) in Special Education," and Dr. Bartlett co-authored alongside Amy Otis-Wilborn and Lacey Peters an articles in the special issue, "Bending or Breaking: Appropriating edTPA in Special Education Teacher Education." 


In this podcast, Dr. Rice is interviewed on the inner workings of the special issue while Dr. Bartlett discusses her article.

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Debbie Rohwer interviews author Ann M. Harrington about her most recent article, "The Effect of Implied Performer Age and Group Membership on Evaluations of Music Performances."

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Professor Kenneth Rigby has undertaken research into bullying for more than 25 years. In this podcast, Ken reflects on how, over time, the definition of bullying has changed and the occurrence of bullying has decreased. He also shares insights into his latest article in the AJE and discusses successful anti-bullying strategies such as the method of shared concern which is aimed at transforming the relationship between bullies and those who are bullied.

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Debbie Rohwer interviews author Kevin E. Watson about his most recent article, "A Comparative Analysis of Method Books for Class Jazz Instruction."

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Co-editors of the Special Issue, Lauri Johnson and Gary Crow are joined by author, Denise Armstrong, to discuss their special issue where they investigate professional identities of school leaders by researchers working within and across seven international contexts.

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Mark Windschitl and David Stroupe discuss their recent article, "The Three-Story Challenge: Implications of the Next Generation Science Standards for Teacher Preparation."

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Authors Keith Smolkowski, Kent McIntosh, and Erik Girvan discuss their article published in Behavioral Disorders: "Vulnerable Decision Points for Disproportionate Office Discipline Referrals: Comparisons of Discipline for African American and White Elementary School Students." 

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Authors Robert H. Horner and Mitchell L. Yell discuss their April 17th, 2017 article in the Journal of Special Education, "Commentary on Zirkel: Judicial Rulings Specific to FBAs or BIPs Under the IDEA and Corollary State Laws--An Update."

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education Editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Jessica Napoles. Together they discuss Jessica's recent article which focuses the perceived effectiveness of reduced verbal instruction in choral rehearsals.

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JTE's Eli Kean interviews Kara Naidoo and Susan A. Kirch about their article, Candidates Use a New Teacher Development Process, Transformative Reflection, to Identify and Address Teaching and Learning Problems in Their Work With Children, published on June 23rd, 2016.

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 Joel Deshaye and Margaret Herrick discuss their recent research on “Racialized rooms and technologies of stardom in Ondaatje’s Coming Through Slaughter” and “Katabasis and the politics of grief in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost”.

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Adult Education Quarterly Social Media Coordinator Erin Careless talks with authors Chad Hoggan, Kaisu Malkki, and Fergal Finnegan about their article "Developing the Theory of Perspective Transformation: Continuity, Intersubjectivity, and Emancipatory Praxis."

The abstract for the article can be found here: 

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JTE Eli Kean interviews Dr. Jeff Bale about his article in the November/December 2016 issue.

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Author Kalli Decker discusses her article "Early Intervention for Children With Hearing Loss: Information Parents Receive About Supporting Children’s Language." This article can be found in the September 2016 issue of the Journal of Early Intervention

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education Editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Jennifer Walter. Together they discuss Walter's recent article which focuses on a study of preservice music teachers’ self-reported use of earplugs.

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Leticia Rojas and Daniel Liou discuss their article, "Social Justice Teaching Through the Sympathetic Touch of Caring and High Expectations for Students of Color," which can be found in the January/February 2017 issue.  

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JRME Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Elizabeth Parker, Assistant Professor of Music Education at Temple University, and Dr. Tami J. Draves, Associate Professor of Music Education at The University of North Carolina, Greensoro about their recent article discussing two visually impaired music teachers and the challenges that they face.

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JTE Graduate Assistant Bernadette Castillo interviews Kathleen Stoehr about her article in the January 2017 issue/

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EUS Editor Charlie Russo and Managing Editor Beth Pearn speak to Bill Jeynes and explore his latest research on school choice programs and the achievement gap.

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JTE Graduate Assistant Eli Kean interviews Noelle Paufler about her article, co-authored by Audrey Amrein-Beardsley, which can be found in the September 2016 issue.

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JTE Graduate Assistant Eli Kean interviews Kevin Kumashiro about his 2012 article and recent textbook, Against Common Sense: Teahcing and Learning Towards Social Justice.

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Special issue panel on early childhood music education, convened at the 2016 ISME conference in Glasgow. The panel was convened by Dr Amanda Nilend and Dr Patricia St John, who guest edited the special issue. The speakers include RSM Editor Katherine Marsh and contributing authors Margaret Barrett, Suzanne Burton, Lori Custodero and Claudia Cali. Posted June 2016

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Laura Meehan. Together they discuss Meehan and Kimberly VanWeelden's recent article which focuses on determining the types of frequency of music and special education workshops held at state music educators association conferences.


Laura's article, "Teaching Children With Disabilities: Preparation Through State Music Educators Association Conferences" can be found here:

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Dr. Michelle Van Noy discusses the structure of community college career-technical programs and how it affects student success in the article she co-authored with Madeline Trimble, Davis Jenkins, Elisabeth Barnett, and John Wachen, "Guided Pathways to Careers: Four Dimensions of Structure in Community College Career-Technical Programs."

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JRME Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Julia Shaw, Associate Professor of Music Education at The Ohio State University School of Music, about her recent article discussing students perceptions of cultural responsive teaching in the context of a choral ensemble.

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Author Jennifer Ledford discusses her research, co-authored by Erin E. Barton, Jessica K. Hardy, Katie Elam, Jordan SeaboltMeredith Shanks, M. L. Hemmeter, and Ann Kaiser. Ledford discusses their methodology applied, their findings, and future steps in the field. This article can be found in the June 2016 issue of the Journal of Early Intervention

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EP Podcasts

Dr. Rebecca Jacobsen and Dr. Tamara Young discuss their special issue in Educational Policy on "The Politics of Accountability."


Direct download: EP_27_2_Jacobsen.mp3
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Special issue guest editors Dr. Jane West and Dr. Katharine Shepherd discuss the May 2016 issue of Teacher Education and Special Education on the past, present, and future of special education.

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Which misperceptions about gifted education have been debunked through the years, and which still remain? Dr. Carolyn Callahan, Editor of Gifted Child Quarterly, sits down with former editor Donald Treffinger to discuss his special issue on demythologizing gifted education in Volume 53, issue 4, a revisitation of his groundbreaking 1982 special issue.

Direct download: GCQ_Donald_Treffinger.mp3
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EAQ Editor, Linda Skrla, interviews Guest Editor, Terry Orr, and UCEA head, Michelle Young, about leadership preparation in education.

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Dr. Hiroyuki Yamada provides a closer look at an article he coauthored with Dr. Anthony Bryk regarding the effectiveness of Statway, a program designed to assist community college students struggling in mathematics.

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Author Hedda Meadan-Kaplansky discusses her research,"Internet-Based Parent-Implemented Intervention for Young Childrenwith Autism: A Pilot Study", co-authored by Melinda Snogdrass, LoriMeyer, Kim Fisher, Moon Chung, and James Halle. 

Direct download: JEI._Hedda._completed.mp3
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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author William Bauer, Associate Professor of music education at the University of Florida, about his study examining music education researchers' perceptions of the importance of selected technologies to scholarly inquiry.

 The abstract for the article, Technological Affordances for the Music Education Researcher" can be found here:

Direct download: Update_Bill_Bauer.mp3
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Author Johanna Rudolph discusses her article, "Early Language Milestones and Specific Language Impairment," and the nature of SLI. The article can be found in the March 2016 issue of the Journal of Early Intervention. 

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Adult Education Quarterly Social Media Coordinator Geleana Drew Alston talks with authors Elizabeth Kasl, an Independent Adult Education Scholar and Lyle Yorks, Professor at Teacher's College, Columbia University, about their article "Do I Really Know You? Do You Really Know Me? Empathy Amid Diversity in Differing Learning Contexts." Together, they discuss Lyle and Kasl's exploration of the need for empathy in diverse groups, conceptualization of the epistemology of empathy in relationship to whole-person dialogue, and they examine strategies for creating empathic space that take into consideration the paradox of diversity.

The abstract for the article can be found here:

Direct download: AEQ_Kasl_and_Yorks.mp3
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Author Ruth Kaminski discusses her article, "Development of a Tier 3 Curriculum to Teach Early Literacy Skills," and the details surrounding the research process. The article can be found in the December 2014 Special Issue of the Journal of Early Intervention.  

Direct download: JEI._Kaminski.completed.mp3
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Author Charles Greenwood discusses his article, "The Center for Response to Intervention in Early Childhood," including challenges in the research process and future steps in this field. This article can be found in the December 2014 Special Issue of the Journal of Early Intervention. 

Direct download: JEI._Greenwood._completed.mp3
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Author Elizabeth Kelley discusses her article, "Building a Tier 2 Intervention: A Glimpse Behind the Data," which can be found in the December 2014 Special Issue of the Journal of Early Intervention. 

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Journal of Teacher Education Graduate Assistant Bernadette Castillo interviews Beth Powers and Peter Duffy about their article about their article in the January/February 2016 issue.

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Brandon Haskett about some of the main issues surrounding steel band directors' attitudes- including methodology, the balance of genres programmed, the inclusion of contextual information, and directors’ steelpan performance backgrounds.

The abstract for the article, "A Survey Study of U.S. Collegiate and K–12 Steel Band Directors’ Attitudes Relating to Steel Band Curriculum and Pedagogy" can be found here:


Direct download: Update-Brandon_Haskett.mp3
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Alisa Belzer, Associate Professor at Rutgers University and Amy Pickard, Doctoral Candidate at Rutgers University talk with Social Media Coordinator Dr. Geleana Drew Alston about their article in Adult Education Quarterly. The article "From Heroic Victims to Competent Comrades: Views of Adult Literacy Learners in the Research Literature," analyzes qualitative depictions of adult literacy learners and identifies five ways in which they are typically characterized. 

The article can be found here:


Direct download: AEQ_Podcast_2_Belzer_and_Pickard.mp3
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Dr. Christopher Roberts, Professor at University of Washington and music teacher at Seattle's St. Joesph School, discusses his recent article about situational interest in music classes with JRME Editor Steve Morrison. 

Direct download: JRME_Situtational_Interest_Final.mp3
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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Dan Isbell about his article discussing studies that provide information on the decision to become a music teacher, the early socialization of music teachers, the culture within schools of music, and models of music teacher identity.

The abstract for the article, "The Socialization of Music Teachers: A Review of the Literature" can be found here:

Direct download: Applic_of_Research_Music_Educ_Dan_Isbell.mp3
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Direct download: 13e-portfolio.wav
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Direct download: 12Reflecting_on_assessment_criteria.wav
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Direct download: 2Idea_behind_the_lesson.wav
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Direct download: 2._Sean_MacBlain_Introduction.mp3
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Sean MacBlain discusses what he thinks is the greatest change occuring in children's lives today. 

For more podcasts on Learning Theories in Early Childhood check out: 

Direct download: Chapter_11.mp3
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Sean MacBlain discusses what he thinks is the greatest change occuring in children's learning today. 


For more podcasts on Learning Theories in Early Childhood visit: 

Direct download: Chapter_10.mp3
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Collette Gary discusses how the emergence of childhood studies has helped our understanding of how young people learn. 

For more podcasts on Learning Theories in Early Childhood check out: 

Direct download: Chapter_9.mp3
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Sean MacBlain discusses what readers can take from Bruner into their practice. 


For more podcasts on Learning Theories in Early Childhood check out:

Direct download: Chapter_8.mp3
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Sean MacBlain discusses social learning in young children. 


For more podcasts on Learning Theories in Early Childhood check out: 



Direct download: Chapter_7.mp3
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Collette Gray discusses what she thinks are the core principles of Vygotsky's approach. 

For more podcasts on Learning Theories in Early Childhood check out 

Direct download: Chapter_6.mp3
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Collette Gray discusses what she feels readers of her book need to understand about Piaget. 

For more podcasts and other great resources visit 

Direct download: Chapter_5.mp3
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Colette Gray discusses the main differences between operant conditioning and classical conditioning. 


For more podcasts and other great resources check out: hyttps://study.sagepub.comgrayandmacblain2e

Direct download: Chapter_4.mp3
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Sean MacBlain discusses how Froebel's views are translated into good early years practice in today's educational climates. 

For more podcasts and resources check out 

Direct download: Chapter_3.mp3
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Collette Gray discusses the implications of the latest research into brain development and what it might mean for how babies should be cared for. 

For more resources visit:

Direct download: Chapter_2.mp3
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In which Collette Gray discusses which theorist have had the greatest impact on helping us to understand more about how young children learn? 

Direct download: Chapter_1.mp3
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In this podcast with Learning Theories in Early Childhood, second edition, co-author Collette Gray tells us a little bit about her role and the chapters she contributed to the book. 

Direct download: 1._Colette_Gray_Introduction_of_the_Book.mp3
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Dr. Steve Graham explains the importance of writing in today's world, particularly with regards to student with learning disabilities, and ways in which writing instruction and research can be improved.

Direct download: LDQ_3_-_Dr._Steve_Graham.mp3
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JCEL sat down with Dr. Michael O'Malley, Tanya Long, and Jeffry King and interviewed them about their recently-published case, "What Do You Do All Day?!" Navigating the Challenges of School Leadership as an Early Career Principal. Their study engages aspiring and current school leaders in critical reflection upon leadership opportunities and practices in a simulated setting that elicits challenges commonly faced by early career principals.

Direct download: Dr._OMalley_-_edited.mp3
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Dr. Susan Yelich Biniecki of Kansas State University joins Social Media Coordinator Dr. Geleana Drew Alston in this inaugural Adult Education Quarterly podcast. They discuss Dr. Biniecki's recent article on world affairs programs, published in the May 2015 issue of AEQ, and explore potential opportunities for future research. Dr Biniecki's article can be found here:

Direct download: AEQ_Podcast_1_-_Biniecki.mp3
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JRME Editor Steve Morrison is joined by Dr. Brad McDavid, director of the University of Washington marching band, and Dr. Jason Silveira, co-author of a recent article on hazing in the college marching band, to discuss Dr. Silveira's research and examine the current status of hazing within the culture of college marching bands.

Direct download: JRME_-_Silveira.mp3
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In the first podcast from the journal Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Eugenia Costa-Giomi on her article, "The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Music Instruction on Intelligence and General Cognitive Abilities."

Direct download: UPD_1_v3_final.mp3
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Early in 2015, JCEL interviewed Dr. Chris Willis and Dr. Kyle Ingle concerning their article published in the March issue, titled, "Who Has Time For This?" Negotiating Roles in Instructional Supervision and Evaluation. Their case examines how school leaders manage the increased demands of a new state-mandated teacher evaluation process.

Direct download: Dr._Willis_and_Dr._Ingle_-_edited.mp3
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SAGE interviews TESE Editor Dr. Laurie deBettencourt and special issue Editor Dr. Tamara Marder on the February 2015 special issue, "Preparing Educators to Use Evidence-Based Practices to Support Students with Autism," in celebration of National Autism Awareness Month.



Given the growing numbers of students identified with autism, educators need an understanding of evidence-based practices (EBPs) to meet these student’s individual educational goals. EBPs are defined often as instructional strategies, interventions, or teaching programs that result in consistent positive student outcomes. Educator’s use of EBPs has been shown to improve the learning outcomes of students with disabilities. It is imperative that educators understand how to select and implement such practices with students in their classrooms and continuously monitor the progress of their students. Recently, two major resources that classify EBPs for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are available for review. This introduction to the special issue provides a review of EBPs specific to the education of students identified with autism as well as discusses the current resources available to educators who are in classrooms supporting students with autism. Recommendations for how best to prepare educators to use EBPs are provided.

Direct download: TESEMarderdeBettencourtFinal.mp3
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Urban Education interviews special issue editor Emery Petchauer on the January 2015 issue of the journal, entitled "Theories, Concepts, and Methods in Hip Hop Education."


Access the issue here:

Direct download: UEHipHopSpecialIssuePodcast.mp3
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JCEL recently interviewed Dr. Rosa Rivera-McCutchen and Dr. Terri Watson, putting a spotlight on their case study that was published in the December 2014 issue. Their case focuses on the challenges faced by the principal of a joint middle school/high school that is wracked by racial tension and their work highlights critical junctures involving trust, race, ethnicity, and class, and examines how this principle promotes equity and social justice. The study is entitled "Leadership for Social Justice: It Is a Matter of Trust."

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In September of 2014, JCEL put a spotlight on Dr. Angela Savage and her case, "Tackling Long Delays in Transcript and Certificate Production in Higher Education." Dr. Savage's case examines a university that struggled to provide its students with transcripts and certificates at the time of their graduation. She details the problem-solving process that improved distribution of these key documents and subsequently evaluates the process for appropriate improvements.

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Dr. Steve Morrison is joined by Dr. Rebecca Mcleod, Dr. Jessica Napoles, and Dr. Mark Montemayor to discuss their articles that each researched the relationships between teacher evaluation, teacher delivery, and student achievement.

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In November of 2014, JCEL put a spotlight on Dr. Melissa Martinez and her case, "College Information, Support, and Opportunities for All?" Dr. Martinez's case critically examines how a group of Latino/a high school seniors and one high school counselor perceives the distribution of college information and opportunities in their school.

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JCEL put a spotlight on Dr. Brett Geier's case from the March 2014 issue entitled "The Wall Between Church and State Begins to Crumble: One Small Community's Struggle With Sectarian Influence in the Public School. His case examines First Amendment practices in a public school, and you can read it here.

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Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Kate Fitzpatrick about her article, written in collaboration with Dr. Jacqueline Henniger and Dr. Don Taylor, concerning the diversity of music education programs in higher education institutions.

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JCEL put a spotlight on the case authored by Dr. Terah Venzant Chambers and Ms. Lolita Tabron in the December 2013 issue, titled "Academic Success for Students of Color...At What Cost? The Importance of School Context at Birch High School." Dr. Chambers provides insight on the development of the case and how it can be utilized as a teaching tool for current and future leaders in the field of education.

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Twenty years on from the implementation of the Education Reform Act 1988, Michael Strain and Tim Simkins guest edited a special issue of Educational Management Administration & Leadership entitled "The Legacy of the Education Reform Act 1988" (volume 36, issue 2 - To mark the special issue, more than 50 education policy researchers met to review the impact of the act on teachers, administrators, parents and politicians. The one-day forum, hosted by SAGE and BELMAS, was chaired by Professor Ron Glatter and Professor Peter Gronn and featured other key academics from the field as well as Barry Sheerman MP. Posted April 2008.

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Dr. Peggy King-Sears discusses the universal design for learning (UDL) framework and its application to students with and without learning disabilities.

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