MIE Editor in Chief, Jacqueline Baxter talks to Paul Miller and Christine Callender about their Special Issue on Leadership and Diversity in Education: Progress in the new Millennium.

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EMAL Associate Editor, Helen Gunter interviews the EMAL Early Career Researcher award winner Helen Young on her article, Knowledge, Experts and Accountability in School Governing Bodies. 

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EMAL Associate Editor, Jacky Lumby interviews the EMAL Best Paper Prize 2017 winner Lauri Johnson discussing her winning paper, The lives and identities of UK Black and South Asian head teachers: Metaphors of leadership.

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In this Urban Education podcast, author Mark R. Warren of the University of Massachusetts Boston is interviewed on his article entitled, "Research Confronts Equity and Social Justice–Building the Emerging Field of Collaborative, Community Engaged Education Research: Introduction to the Special Issue."

In this Urban Education podcast, author Rita Kohli, assistant professor at the University of California Riverside, is interviewed on her article entitled, "Behind School Doors: The Impact of Hostile Racial Climates on Urban Teachers of Color."

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JCL – "Beyond control: Orientalist tensions and the history of the “upas tree” myth": Tim Hannigan discusses his recent article.

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This Teacher Education and Special Education podcast was joined by Dr. Nancy Rice and Dr. Maggie Bartlett of the University of Wisconsin Milwaukie.

Dr. Rice edited the November 2017 special issue of TESE, "The Educational Teacher Performance Assessment (edTPA) in Special Education," and Dr. Bartlett co-authored alongside Amy Otis-Wilborn and Lacey Peters an articles in the special issue, "Bending or Breaking: Appropriating edTPA in Special Education Teacher Education." 


In this podcast, Dr. Rice is interviewed on the inner workings of the special issue while Dr. Bartlett discusses her article.

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