Debbie Rohwer interviews author Ann M. Harrington about her most recent article, "The Effect of Implied Performer Age and Group Membership on Evaluations of Music Performances."

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Professor Kenneth Rigby has undertaken research into bullying for more than 25 years. In this podcast, Ken reflects on how, over time, the definition of bullying has changed and the occurrence of bullying has decreased. He also shares insights into his latest article in the AJE and discusses successful anti-bullying strategies such as the method of shared concern which is aimed at transforming the relationship between bullies and those who are bullied.

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Debbie Rohwer interviews author Kevin E. Watson about his most recent article, "A Comparative Analysis of Method Books for Class Jazz Instruction."

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Co-editors of the Special Issue, Lauri Johnson and Gary Crow are joined by author, Denise Armstrong, to discuss their special issue where they investigate professional identities of school leaders by researchers working within and across seven international contexts.

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Mark Windschitl and David Stroupe discuss their recent article, "The Three-Story Challenge: Implications of the Next Generation Science Standards for Teacher Preparation."

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Authors Keith Smolkowski, Kent McIntosh, and Erik Girvan discuss their article published in Behavioral Disorders: "Vulnerable Decision Points for Disproportionate Office Discipline Referrals: Comparisons of Discipline for African American and White Elementary School Students." 

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Authors Robert H. Horner and Mitchell L. Yell discuss their April 17th, 2017 article in the Journal of Special Education, "Commentary on Zirkel: Judicial Rulings Specific to FBAs or BIPs Under the IDEA and Corollary State Laws--An Update."

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education Editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Jessica Napoles. Together they discuss Jessica's recent article which focuses the perceived effectiveness of reduced verbal instruction in choral rehearsals.

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JTE's Eli Kean interviews Kara Naidoo and Susan A. Kirch about their article, Candidates Use a New Teacher Development Process, Transformative Reflection, to Identify and Address Teaching and Learning Problems in Their Work With Children, published on June 23rd, 2016.

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 Joel Deshaye and Margaret Herrick discuss their recent research on “Racialized rooms and technologies of stardom in Ondaatje’s Coming Through Slaughter” and “Katabasis and the politics of grief in Michael Ondaatje’s Anil’s Ghost”.

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Adult Education Quarterly Social Media Coordinator Erin Careless talks with authors Chad Hoggan, Kaisu Malkki, and Fergal Finnegan about their article "Developing the Theory of Perspective Transformation: Continuity, Intersubjectivity, and Emancipatory Praxis."

The abstract for the article can be found here: 

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JTE Eli Kean interviews Dr. Jeff Bale about his article in the November/December 2016 issue.

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Author Kalli Decker discusses her article "Early Intervention for Children With Hearing Loss: Information Parents Receive About Supporting Children’s Language." This article can be found in the September 2016 issue of the Journal of Early Intervention

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education Editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Jennifer Walter. Together they discuss Walter's recent article which focuses on a study of preservice music teachers’ self-reported use of earplugs.

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Leticia Rojas and Daniel Liou discuss their article, "Social Justice Teaching Through the Sympathetic Touch of Caring and High Expectations for Students of Color," which can be found in the January/February 2017 issue.  

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JRME Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Elizabeth Parker, Assistant Professor of Music Education at Temple University, and Dr. Tami J. Draves, Associate Professor of Music Education at The University of North Carolina, Greensoro about their recent article discussing two visually impaired music teachers and the challenges that they face.

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JTE Graduate Assistant Bernadette Castillo interviews Kathleen Stoehr about her article in the January 2017 issue/

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