Alisa Belzer, Associate Professor at Rutgers University and Amy Pickard, Doctoral Candidate at Rutgers University talk with Social Media Coordinator Dr. Geleana Drew Alston about their article in Adult Education Quarterly. The article "From Heroic Victims to Competent Comrades: Views of Adult Literacy Learners in the Research Literature," analyzes qualitative depictions of adult literacy learners and identifies five ways in which they are typically characterized. 

The article can be found here:


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Dr. Christopher Roberts, Professor at University of Washington and music teacher at Seattle's St. Joesph School, discusses his recent article about situational interest in music classes with JRME Editor Steve Morrison. 

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Update: Applications of Research in Music Education editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Dan Isbell about his article discussing studies that provide information on the decision to become a music teacher, the early socialization of music teachers, the culture within schools of music, and models of music teacher identity.

The abstract for the article, "The Socialization of Music Teachers: A Review of the Literature" can be found here:

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Sean MacBlain discusses what he thinks is the greatest change occuring in children's lives today. 

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Sean MacBlain discusses what he thinks is the greatest change occuring in children's learning today. 


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Collette Gary discusses how the emergence of childhood studies has helped our understanding of how young people learn. 

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Sean MacBlain discusses what readers can take from Bruner into their practice. 


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Sean MacBlain discusses social learning in young children. 


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Collette Gray discusses what she thinks are the core principles of Vygotsky's approach. 

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Collette Gray discusses what she feels readers of her book need to understand about Piaget. 

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Colette Gray discusses the main differences between operant conditioning and classical conditioning. 


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Sean MacBlain discusses how Froebel's views are translated into good early years practice in today's educational climates. 

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Collette Gray discusses the implications of the latest research into brain development and what it might mean for how babies should be cared for. 

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In which Collette Gray discusses which theorist have had the greatest impact on helping us to understand more about how young children learn? 

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In this podcast with Learning Theories in Early Childhood, second edition, co-author Collette Gray tells us a little bit about her role and the chapters she contributed to the book. 

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Dr. Steve Graham explains the importance of writing in today's world, particularly with regards to student with learning disabilities, and ways in which writing instruction and research can be improved.

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JCEL sat down with Dr. Michael O'Malley, Tanya Long, and Jeffry King and interviewed them about their recently-published case, "What Do You Do All Day?!" Navigating the Challenges of School Leadership as an Early Career Principal. Their study engages aspiring and current school leaders in critical reflection upon leadership opportunities and practices in a simulated setting that elicits challenges commonly faced by early career principals.

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Dr. Susan Yelich Biniecki of Kansas State University joins Social Media Coordinator Dr. Geleana Drew Alston in this inaugural Adult Education Quarterly podcast. They discuss Dr. Biniecki's recent article on world affairs programs, published in the May 2015 issue of AEQ, and explore potential opportunities for future research. Dr Biniecki's article can be found here:

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JRME Editor Steve Morrison is joined by Dr. Brad McDavid, director of the University of Washington marching band, and Dr. Jason Silveira, co-author of a recent article on hazing in the college marching band, to discuss Dr. Silveira's research and examine the current status of hazing within the culture of college marching bands.

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In the first podcast from the journal Update: Applications of Research in Music Education, editor Debbie Rohwer interviews author Eugenia Costa-Giomi on her article, "The Long-Term Effects of Childhood Music Instruction on Intelligence and General Cognitive Abilities."

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Early in 2015, JCEL interviewed Dr. Chris Willis and Dr. Kyle Ingle concerning their article published in the March issue, titled, "Who Has Time For This?" Negotiating Roles in Instructional Supervision and Evaluation. Their case examines how school leaders manage the increased demands of a new state-mandated teacher evaluation process.

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SAGE interviews TESE Editor Dr. Laurie deBettencourt and special issue Editor Dr. Tamara Marder on the February 2015 special issue, "Preparing Educators to Use Evidence-Based Practices to Support Students with Autism," in celebration of National Autism Awareness Month.



Given the growing numbers of students identified with autism, educators need an understanding of evidence-based practices (EBPs) to meet these student’s individual educational goals. EBPs are defined often as instructional strategies, interventions, or teaching programs that result in consistent positive student outcomes. Educator’s use of EBPs has been shown to improve the learning outcomes of students with disabilities. It is imperative that educators understand how to select and implement such practices with students in their classrooms and continuously monitor the progress of their students. Recently, two major resources that classify EBPs for students with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) are available for review. This introduction to the special issue provides a review of EBPs specific to the education of students identified with autism as well as discusses the current resources available to educators who are in classrooms supporting students with autism. Recommendations for how best to prepare educators to use EBPs are provided.

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Urban Education interviews special issue editor Emery Petchauer on the January 2015 issue of the journal, entitled "Theories, Concepts, and Methods in Hip Hop Education."


Access the issue here:

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JCEL recently interviewed Dr. Rosa Rivera-McCutchen and Dr. Terri Watson, putting a spotlight on their case study that was published in the December 2014 issue. Their case focuses on the challenges faced by the principal of a joint middle school/high school that is wracked by racial tension and their work highlights critical junctures involving trust, race, ethnicity, and class, and examines how this principle promotes equity and social justice. The study is entitled "Leadership for Social Justice: It Is a Matter of Trust."

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In September of 2014, JCEL put a spotlight on Dr. Angela Savage and her case, "Tackling Long Delays in Transcript and Certificate Production in Higher Education." Dr. Savage's case examines a university that struggled to provide its students with transcripts and certificates at the time of their graduation. She details the problem-solving process that improved distribution of these key documents and subsequently evaluates the process for appropriate improvements.

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Dr. Steve Morrison is joined by Dr. Rebecca Mcleod, Dr. Jessica Napoles, and Dr. Mark Montemayor to discuss their articles that each researched the relationships between teacher evaluation, teacher delivery, and student achievement.

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In November of 2014, JCEL put a spotlight on Dr. Melissa Martinez and her case, "College Information, Support, and Opportunities for All?" Dr. Martinez's case critically examines how a group of Latino/a high school seniors and one high school counselor perceives the distribution of college information and opportunities in their school.

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JCEL put a spotlight on Dr. Brett Geier's case from the March 2014 issue entitled "The Wall Between Church and State Begins to Crumble: One Small Community's Struggle With Sectarian Influence in the Public School. His case examines First Amendment practices in a public school, and you can read it here.

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Editor Steve Morrison interviews Dr. Kate Fitzpatrick about her article, written in collaboration with Dr. Jacqueline Henniger and Dr. Don Taylor, concerning the diversity of music education programs in higher education institutions.

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JCEL put a spotlight on the case authored by Dr. Terah Venzant Chambers and Ms. Lolita Tabron in the December 2013 issue, titled "Academic Success for Students of Color...At What Cost? The Importance of School Context at Birch High School." Dr. Chambers provides insight on the development of the case and how it can be utilized as a teaching tool for current and future leaders in the field of education.

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