JCEL recently interviewed Dr. Rosa Rivera-McCutchen and Dr. Terri Watson, putting a spotlight on their case study that was published in the December 2014 issue. Their case focuses on the challenges faced by the principal of a joint middle school/high school that is wracked by racial tension and their work highlights critical junctures involving trust, race, ethnicity, and class, and examines how this principle promotes equity and social justice. The study is entitled "Leadership for Social Justice: It Is a Matter of Trust."

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In September of 2014, JCEL put a spotlight on Dr. Angela Savage and her case, "Tackling Long Delays in Transcript and Certificate Production in Higher Education." Dr. Savage's case examines a university that struggled to provide its students with transcripts and certificates at the time of their graduation. She details the problem-solving process that improved distribution of these key documents and subsequently evaluates the process for appropriate improvements.

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Dr. Steve Morrison is joined by Dr. Rebecca Mcleod, Dr. Jessica Napoles, and Dr. Mark Montemayor to discuss their articles that each researched the relationships between teacher evaluation, teacher delivery, and student achievement.



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In November of 2014, JCEL put a spotlight on Dr. Melissa Martinez and her case, "College Information, Support, and Opportunities for All?" Dr. Martinez's case critically examines how a group of Latino/a high school seniors and one high school counselor perceives the distribution of college information and opportunities in their school.

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